West Coast Dowsers Conference


By Brian Upton
May 16, 2024
Mathematical pendulum is drawing on the sand.

West Coast Dowsing Conference LogoThe ancient art of dowsing, also known as water witching or divining, is a practice that not only spans thousands of years but also transcends cultural boundaries. 

Details on Our Conference - 2024 West Coast Dowsers Conference Keynote Speaker: Richard Feather Anderson

Dowsing, a practice known by various names such as divining, doodle bugging, water witching, or Radiesthesia in European countries, is a versatile skill that can be applied to a multitude of tasks, from finding water sources to locating missing items or even choosing stocks in the market.

It is mostly known for finding water well sites but can also be used to find missing people, pets, and items, choose stocks in the stock market, discern the truth in conversations, and find treasure. It is also used for oil and mineral discovery. Only your imagination limits what you can do with this ancient skill.

Some people use dowsing to choose fruits, vegetables, vitamins, doctors, dentists, or even a mate.

Dowsing for Sentient Lifeforms in Nature - West Coast Dowsing Conference - Atala Toy Nature Beings Photography

The ancient art of dowsing, also known as water witching or divining, is a practice that not only spans thousands of years but also transcends cultural boundaries. It has been used by diverse cultures worldwide for a range of purposes, from locating water sources to finding minerals and lost objects.

The technique typically involves using a dowsing rod, commonly made of wood or metal, which is held in the hands of the dowser. The dowser then strolls over the area of interest, paying attention to any movements or vibrations in the rod. Practitioners believe that the rod will react by dipping downward or twitching when it passes over the desired target.

While the exact mechanism behind dowsing remains a topic of debate, some theories suggest that dowsers can detect subtle changes in electromagnetic fields or underground water currents. Others propose that dowsing may involve extrasensory perception or heightened intuition.

Dowsing continues to be utilized by individuals and communities worldwide. In agricultural settings, dowsers are often employed to locate underground water sources for irrigation. In mining and exploration industries, dowsing has been used to identify potential sites for drilling or excavation.

In addition to its practical applications, dowsing has cultural and spiritual significance for many people. In some traditions, it is considered a sacred practice, with practitioners often invoking rituals or prayers before undertaking a dowsing session.

Dowsing’s enduring popularity speaks to the deep-rooted human desire to understand and harness the forces of the natural world. Whether viewed as a practical tool or a mystical art, dowsing continues to fascinate and intrigue people across generations, offering a glimpse into humanity’s enduring quest for knowledge and connection with the unseen forces that shape our world.