Welcome To Santa Cruz Vibes

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk view from Main Beach photo by Todd Harper

There are hundreds of words that were written and meant to occupy this first “Opening Vibe” editorial for the premiere issue of Santa Cruz Vibes Magazine. I deleted those words when we landed on a quiet, simple photo of a sunrise casting a unique reflection of our iconic Beach Boardwalk.

The image, captured by Todd Harper, time stamps a perfect moment of solitude and it serves as a visual reminder of our mission ; celebrate local culture, support our local businesses and create a permanent community forum for ongoing conversation (NOTE : Complete the form to pitch your story!)

The re-editing of these words also served as a reminder of an ongoing fight I have against overcomplicating what has the opportunity to be very simple. I believe that by building this magazine each quarter, with the help and contributions of our community, that it will become a practice in keeping that mindset.

In that spirit we assembled a team that deeply loves this town and are committed to producing a magazine that hopefully, like our amazing cover photo, can be a reflection of who we were, who we are now and what we hope to be in the future.

I would be remiss without thanking Jen, Chachi, Sadie, Neal & Amy for their amazing efforts putting this first issue together. It was a wild ride to the last minute and I can’t wait to get back at it for Issue 2.

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