Fun Rules the Day at 2024 Big Stick Surfing Association “Logjam”

By Neal Kearney
May 1, 2024
Surfboards lined up against the rail at First Peak in Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz, CA
Logjam 2024. Or was that 1964? Coulda fooled me

This past weekend, April 27th and 28th, 2-3ft perfectly peeling waves greeted stoked competitors at the 2024 Logjam, presented by the Big Stick Surfing Association. Held annually at Pleasure Point, the Logjam is the longest running traditional long boarding event in the world. This invitational event has a unique format, requiring contestants to surf on traditional longboards made pre 1970, weighing no less than 20 pounds, and without the safety of wearing leashes.

The 1960’s were the golden age of traditional long boarding , and this event pays tribute to those simpler times, when “surf fever” began to spread throughout California. A time when The Beach Boys owned the radio waves and movies such as Gidget brought surfing to the silver screen. This competition is a way to honor this pivotal time in surfing history.

A view of the Pacific Ocean from Pleasure Pint while surfers and photographers gather for the 2024 Bigstick Logjam in Santa Cruz, CA
Dreamy conditions for nose riding greeted competitors on Saturday morning

The contest site was truly a scene to behold, with Pleasure Point crawling with surf stoked competitors and spectator alike. With all the classic longboards lying against the guard rail on the dirt of Pleasure Point Park it was like stepping through a time portal. Lining the length of the Point, from 33rd to 35th avenue, were a number of tents where vendors could sell tasty grinds, cool threads, and bitchin’ art.

Contest organizer David Harnish was thrilled with the turnout, with over 100 contestants from surf clubs up and down the coast, with ages ranging from 7-70. “With the music and festival vibes, people really dig it. The competitors that compete throughout the state see it as a good excuse to see all their old friends. Most say that this is their favorite event, that’s something I’ve heard that a lot since I’ve been involved.

Ambassador of stoke Darshan Gooch, all smiles

The world’s first women’s world champion, Margo Oberg, agreed. “This weekend has been amazing. The waves are the perfect size for long boarding. I just saw one guy hang-five all the way across the whole break. Plus, it’s so nice and sunny. The turnout here is amazing. It’s kinda like a big family reunion, all the people you haven’t seen in in a while come up from spots like Wind N Sea and Huntington– all the best Longborders from up and down the coast.”

Surfer Ryan Dewitt stands with SC Vibes Photo Editor Ryan "Chachi" Craig while flashing a shaka sign at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz, CA
Ryan Dewitt and Vibes Photo Editor, Ryan “Chachi” Craig

Local physical therapist Ryan Dewitt stood awaiting the results from his heat, and although a bit nervous, was nothing but smiles when I asked him about the day.

“It’s been epic! Everyone’s in a good mood, lots of smiles and hugs, and the waves are super fun. We’ve got a little combo swell and the waves are really lining up on the inside, so it’s really fun. I think I did OK, I only got two waves, but I think I got some points,” he said with a wide grin.

Marciano “Chango” Cruz stands in front of a row of surfboards at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz, CA
Local legend, Marciano “Chango” Cruz

16 year-old Jack Snyder, a local standout and fledging Mav’s charger was happy with his performance. “I was stoked to make the finals in the Junior Men’s and to win the Paddle Race again or the second year in a row. I already can’t wait for next year. Definitely one of my favorite events of the year!”

Not only was the contest a good time for the contestants and looky loos, it also served a higher purpose.

Santa Cruz surf photographer Bryan Garrison stands near his work on display at the 2024 Bigstick Logjam in Santa Cruz, CA
Photographer and all around nice guy Bryan Garrison was showing off his amazing prints.

“One of the things we like to do is give back,” said Harnish. “We like surfing and we like community. We like giving back. All of the proceeds from this go to different local nonprofits and we have a scholarship fund for college bound seniors.”



1st place-Jaya Gooch

2nd place-Judah Tudor

3rd place- Briggs McKenzie

Junior Women

1st place-Cheryl Brightfield

2nd place-Aleia Anderson

3rd place-Zoe Howland

4th place-Healey Skelton

5th place-Waverly Brooks

Junior Men

1st place-Harper King

2nd place-Wyatt Dixon

3rd place-Tosh Tudor

4th place-Charly Coulante

5th place-Wyatt Hoover

6th place-Jack Snyder


1st place-Raymond Sayles

2nd place-Cooper White

3rd place-Josh Burke

4th place-Tommy Coleman

5th place-Shane Harlow

6th place-Blake Mehran


1st place-Candra Jordan

2nd place-Leah Johsens

3rd place-Natalie Marquardt

4th place-Tessa Timmons

5th place-Mele Saile

6th place-Emily Flannagan

7th place-Elle Overs

Grandmasters Men

1st place-Nick Haloulos

2nd place-John Medina

3rd place-Camp Cuthhrell

4th place-Matt Freeman

5th place-Cheese Bridges

6th place-Lars Bijorn

Masters Men

1st place-Joel Tudor

2nd place-Marin Buller

3rd place-Ryan Devine

4th place-Andrew Buck

5th place-Sean Tully

6th place-Shawn Dollar

Masters Women

1st place-Ashley Lloyd

2nd place-Grace Gooch

3rd place-Sonja Dewitt

4th place-Mini Lent

6th place-Jessica Cassidy

7th place-Gretchen Bach


1st place-Bobby Ledsma

2nd place-Marciano Chango Cruz

3rd place-Billy Taylor

4th place-Ozstar De Journey

5th place-Michael Watson

6th place-Mike Wallace

7th place-Greg Sayles

Lady Legends

1st place-Miranda Joseph

2nd place-Joan Bush

3rd place-Sue Uchiyama

4th place-Karen Cochran

5th place-Stefanie Philips

Paddle Race

1st place-Jack Snyder

2nd place-Tommy Coleman

3rd place-Chris Duran

4th place-Harper King

5th place-Blake Mehran

6th place-Julian Hoha


1st place-Mario Quiros

2nd place-Tim Hodgson

3rd place-Thomas Radich

4th place-Danny Bralver

5th place- Don French

6th place-Joel Baldwin

7th place-Bill Saxon

Hot Dogger Logger

1st place-Joel Tudor

2nd place-Raymond Sayles

3rd place-Martin Buller

4th place-Ashley Lloyd

5th place- Andrew Buck

6th place-Josh Burke


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