Issue 2 / Fall 2023

Opening Vibes


Braddah Timmy from Pono Hawaiian Grill in Santa Cruz, CA

Aloha, friends!

Braddah Timmy here from Pono Hawaiian Grill in Santa Cruz to pass a message on to all my friends here on the mainland.

Maui is my home.

We grew up in Lāhainā as keiki (children), and I have deeply rooted and fond memories of the town as we lived right behind the old C&H sugar mill where the smokestack remains. The house we grew up in, and our hanai Ohana’s and close friends’ houses all perished in the recent wildfire. It’s surreal and unthinkable to comprehend what our friends, neighbors, and others endured to survive this disaster. Heartbroken, we will eternally share the sorrow at the extensive loss of life in the Lāhainā community.

Lāhainā, once the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii and home of the Hawaiian royal family, is so much more than a beautiful tropical tourist location for me. It has proud historical roots in the whaling industry and was home to the immigrant-run sugar cane industry. The fire turned the physical landmarks of this history to ash. We have lost all that; generations of beautiful and vivid landmarks will have to live on in our hearts, photos, books, videos, and conversations.

The fire has also been life-altering and devastating to our island people. What will happen next, and what the future may look like after the many years of rebuilding and fighting through the red tape ahead? My hope is twofold: 1) That old historical Lāhainā town and its landmarks are thoughtfully replicated and rebuilt again, but most importantly, and 2) Lāhainā Lands Stay In Lāhainā Hands!

The road to recovery will take so long, and the loss of life, homes, and businesses has upended families across the island. As a result, livelihoods are also at risk as the working economy of my island home is fracturing. Maui needs so much kōkua (help)!

So please consider a continuation of that kōkua for our Island of Maui if you can, with several of the following options: Direct monetary donations to verified island organizations / Venmo accounts,

Mainland / Santa Cruz sponsored benefits, continued supply drives, fundraisers, and concerts, and most significantly, booking a vacation to the island of Maui to help stimulate and support our suffering economy there.

Every little bit helps the Āina (land) and the people of Maui island-wide get back on their feet. Mahalo nui loa,

Braddah Timmy,

Maui boy and Pono Hawaiian Grill Owner

Santa Cruz Vibes Magazine Issue 2 for Fall 2023 cover showing two sea otters in the Pacific Ocean